Dr Alfonso Antequera, PhD, MD

Dr Alfonso Antequera, PhD, MD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Senior Research Associate & Senior Clinical Lecturer
Health & Sport Sciences

Research Background

Dr Antequera is a Consultant Surgeon at St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar. He earned his PhD in 2004 with a thesis on organ Transplantation. Since then, his research has focused predominantly on Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery, and trying to find early markers of metabolic disturbances among obese patients that allow physicians to prioritise those patients on the waiting list for weight loss surgery.

He has been associate professor of surgery at European University of Madrid and Honorary professor of surgery at Rey Juan Carlos University and Trinity College of Dublin: He is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and recently became Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He also has strong interest in Global Health and Humanitarian Surgery. He is President of the board of trustees of “El Compromiso Foundation” to try to bring surgical care to the poorest countries in Africa.

Research Interests

Dr Antequera’s main interests are minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery. He has become an expert in the laparascopic and endoscopic treatment of Obesity. His other areas of expertise are upper gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary malignancies and soft tissue sarcomas.

Selected Publications

Rihuete-Caro, Cristina. Débora Acín-Gandara, Manuel Medina-García, Santiago Alonso-Gómez, Alfonso Antequera-Pérez”Cirugía de revisión en un paciente con disfagia severa y reflujo gastroesofágico intervenido por obesidad mórbida según la técnica de Salmon.” BMI| Bariátrica & Metabólica Ibero-Americana 7.1 (2017).

Early and Late Complications in Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass: Comparative Study between Manual and Stapled Anastomosis Acín-Gándara, DéboraPereira-Pérez, FernandoMedina-García, ManuelRodriguez-Caravaca, GilMartínez-Torres, BeatrizAntequera-Pérez, AlfonsoGarcía-Muñoz, Alejandro Nájar

The American Surgeon, Volume 83, Number 5, May 2017, pp. 470-476(7)

Conversion of an Open Salmon’s Technique to a Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass. Cristina Rihuete-CaroDébora Acín-GandaraManuel Medina-GarcíaSantiago Alonso-GómezAlfonso Antequera-PérezLucía Carrión-ÁlvarezFernando Pereira-Pérez. Obesity Surgery February 2017, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 554–555 |

Identificación intraoperatoria de sucesos quirúrgicos, mediante el análisis del video quirúrgico: diagnóstico de asa biliar ciega en bypass gástrico. Acín-Gándara Débora, Medina-García Manuel,Alonso-Gómez Santiago, Antequera-Pérez Alfonso, Pereira-Pérez Fernando  BMI| Bariátrica & Metabólica Ibero-Americana, 2017, vol. 7, no 1.

Handsewn vs mechanichal anastomosis in rygb. A retrospective cohort analysis. Antequera, A., Acin, D., Medina, M., Alonso, S., Ghaboun, O., Aguado, J., & Rodriguez-Vitoria, J. M. OBESITY SURGERY 2016 Vol. 26. 233, 2016.

Selected Publications