Dr Ashton Berry, BSc, MSc, PhD

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University of Gibraltar:

Research Associate & Academic Lecturer
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Natural Sciences & Environment

Research Background

Dr Berry is an Associate Professor and Head of Research, Blue Economy Research Institute and Environmental Science Programme at the University of Seychelles, Dr Berry is a specialist in the development of educational, environmental assessment, conservation and monitoring programs in climate change adaptation and mitigation, ecosystem-based management, integrated coastal zone management and governance, having worked with the Indian Ocean Commission (ISLANDS Project), UNEP Ecosystem-based adaptation mangrove restoration project and the UNDP Outer Islands coastal erosion project, among others.

Research Interests

Dr Berry’s research interests involve climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. He has experience working on the local and ecosystem scale.

Selected Publications

Rubner, I., Berry, A.J., Harting, C. and Oetken, M. The Power to Gas Concept: Educational Modules for Transition to a Renewable Energy Future. Journal of Chemical Education. Under review.

Fahey, S., Verstraten, L., and Berry, A.J., 2016. Education for sustainable development: enhancing climate change adaptation expertise in developing countries. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 10(1): 1–14.

Berry, A.J., 2015. Sustainable resource use and the problem of declining shoreline resilience to sea level rise: a Seychelles case study. Island Studies: Blue Economy Edition, 1(3): 20-26.

Berry, A.J., Fahey, S., and Meyers, N., 2014. Sandy beaches as dynamic refugia: potential barriers to shoreline retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Ocean and Coastal Management, 102: 32-39.

Berry, A.J., Fahey, S., and Meyers, N., 2014. Boulderdash and beachwalls: the erosion of sandy beach ecosystem resilience. Ocean and Coastal Management, 96: 104-111.

Berry, A.J., Fahey, S., and Meyers, N., 2013. Changing of the guard: adaptation options that maintain ecologically resilient sandy beach ecosystems. Journal of Coastal Research, 29(4): 899–908.

Hadwen, W.L., Capon, S.J., Kobashi D., Poloczanska, E.S., Rochester, W., Martin, T.G., Bay, L.K., Pratchett, M.S., Green, J., Cook, B.D., Berry, A.J., Lalonde, A., Hall, A. & Fahey, S. 2011, Climate change responses and adaptation pathways in Australian coastal ecosystems: Synthesis report, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 359 pp.

Berry, A.J., and Waterman, P., 2009. Climate Change: Implications and Liability from Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surge on the Burnett Mary Regional Coastline, Working Paper 001/09, University of the Sunshine Coast, 42 pp.

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