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Ms Bethany Gadd

Associate Lecturer- MSc Environmental Science & Climate Change



Bethany has a diverse academic background and research experience, her expertise lies at the intersection of wildlife management, conservation, and ecological research. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Ecology, Wildlife Management, and Conservation at the University of Gibraltar, her research focuses on understanding the complex dynamics between Barbary macaques within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and Gibraltar residents. Her goal is to bridge scientific research with macaque management and community and stakeholder engagement through citizen science initiatives. She also holds a BSc in Geography from the University of Portsmouth, and an MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation from the University of Reading. Her studies and professional experience span diverse fields: from invertebrate surveying and soil analysis to historical data organisation and wildlife management. She also has ecological consultancy experience where she undertook various species-specific and vegetation surveys. This included great crested newt, bird and bat surveys. She has also worked with various clients to ensure they kept to UK environmental guidelines and frameworks.