Dr Daniel Cassaglia, MA, PhD

Dr Daniel  Cassaglia, MA, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Senior Clinical Lecturer
Health & Sport Sciences

Research Background

Dr Daniel Cassaglia is a Medical Director at the Gibraltar Health Authority. He has many years of experience and expertise working in the medical industry, having had numerous positions at hospitals in the UK and in Gibraltar. He is currently a member of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. His most recent appointment is the Project Lead for Public Health Laboratory at the University of Gibraltar.

Selected Publications

Oct 2003 Presentation of a case of a child with “Linear and Whorled naevoid hypermelanosis” at the South West Thames Regional Dermatology Meeting.
Feb 2002 Bone Marrow Transplantation (March 2002) 29 Suppl.2 S240-S249, Poster presentation at European Bone Marrow Transplant meeting, Case Report ”Successful BMT in the presence of active fusarium infection”
Sep 2002 Poster Presentation at SIOP conference in Portugal 2002, Case report “Malignant Triton Tumour- a management dilemma”