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Mr Darren Grech

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Darren Grech currently holds the position of Policy Advisor for Education and Training to HM Government of Gibraltar. Prior to this role, he served as Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service for a period of six years. In addition, he held ex officio membership in several important commissions and authorities, namely the Judicial Service Commission, the Gibraltar Police Authority, the Gibraltar Health Authority, the Gibraltar Honours Board, and the Public Service Commission. Previously, he also assumed the role of acting Director of Education for a brief period.

During his tenure in the field of Education, Darren initially taught mathematics at Bayside School. He was then promoted to the position of Education Advisor with a special focus on scholarships and higher education. Subsequently, he served as Senior Education Advisor, entrusted with the responsibility of implementing significant changes in Gibraltar’s education system.

Darren’s educational background includes a degree in mathematics from the University of Leicester, which he obtained in 1990. He further pursued his academic journey by completing a Masters in Computer Science, which was grounded in the mathematical and logical patterns of expert systems. Moreover, he obtained his teaching qualification from St Mary’s College, Twickenham. Darren also holds additional qualifications in Special Educational Needs and Leadership in Education.

Outside of his professional commitments, Darren is an avid open water swimmer and currently holds the position of president at the Bluefin Open Water Swimming Club. Additionally, he is the chairperson of the charity “A Pathway Through Pain”. In his little free time, Darren enjoys family life and reading, especially poetry.