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Dr David Alvarez, BA, MA, PhD

Dr David Alvarez, BA, MA, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Senior Research Associate
Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies

Research Background

Dr David Alvarez is an Professor of English at Grand Valley State University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, and a Senior Research Associate at the University of Gibraltar’s Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Modern Languages the University of Westminster in London, he obtained an MA in Comparative Literature and PhD in English (with an Ethnic and Third World Literature concentration) at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Alvarez has published articles, book chapters, and review essays on a range of topics in anglophone and francophone literatures, particular from South Africa and Morocco. In addition, he has published a translation from the French of a travelogue by Moroccan author, Abdallah Saaf. At present, he is completing a monograph on literary and other representations of unauthorised crossings of the Strait of Gibraltar. Increasingly, Dr. Alvarez has been focusing his attention on the literature of his native Gibraltar, which will be the subject of his next book.

Selected Publications

Alvarez. D. (Under review) “‘Until DNA traces you to/ scarred city, dead kin/…come, however briefly, in’: transmediterranean hospitality in Ingrid de Kok’s poetry.” Re-Membering Hospitality in the Mediterranean: Essays in Anglophone Literature, Arts, and Culture.

Alvarez, D. (2021. Forthcoming) “Bridging migratory fault-lines: Francis Alÿs’s performance at the Strait of Gibraltar.” Figures of The Migrant: Representations of Migration In Literature and the Arts. Routledge

Alvarez. D. (2021. Forthcoming.) “Gibraltarian Grey: Ambiguous Mediterranean-ness in Giordano Durante’s Poetry.” In SureS: Revista Literaria (Tangier).

Alvarez, D. (2019) Translator. A Significant Year, Abdallah Saaf. Seagull Books.

Alvarez, D. (2017) “The Strait of Gibraltar as Gateway to Hope and as Waterway to Hell.”  Entry in L’Encyclopédie des Migrants. Rennes: L’Âge de la Tortue.

Alvarez, D. (2016) “Unstable Vessels: Representations of Small Boats in Unauthorized Migration Across The Strait of Gibraltar.” Migration by Boat: Discourses of Trauma, Exclusion, and Survival, edited by Lynda Mannik, Berghahn Books.

Alvarez, D. (2013) “Introduction. Representing Baleful Specters and Uncanny Repetitions: Life Writing and Imperialism’s Afterlives.” Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 36.1: 10-26.

Alvarez, D. (2013) “Recording Daily Life in the Margins of History and of the Nation: Rachid Nini’s Diary of a Clandestine Migrant.” Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 36.1: 148-179.

Alvarez, D. (2011) “Teaching Moroccan Literature of Migration.” Teaching Literature from Today’s Middle East, edited by Allen Webb, Routledge, pp. 131-142.

Alvarez, D. (2011) “Dulcie Longs for the Comfort of the Quotidian: The Place of Everyday Life in Zoe Wicomb’s David’s Story.” Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 23.2: 127-136.