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Mr George Gaskin

School of Business Lecturer

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George Gaskin is a software developer and consultant with over thirty years of experience in the field. He began his passion for programming at the age of seventeen, when he was given his first computer, a ZX81 microcomputer.

George’s professional career spans over three decades mostly spent in the Telecoms industry. He has worked on a variety of diverse systems, mainly in billing, mediation, data processing and data mining. He has been responsible for heading software development teams on projects to augment, replace or add completely new functionality to existing systems.

Throughout his professional career, George has been exposed to a wide range of programming languages and development frameworks. He is proficient in JAVA, C#, SQL, PYTHON, Javascript, and web frameworks like Angular and React. He is an advocate of good software engineering methodologies and principles and had the opportunity to apply them in the web development space. His industry experience, particularly in the Telecom sector, has provided him with insight into the intricacies of working with legacy systems and the importance of developing elegant, clean and pragmatic software applications. A code of practice that he tries to instil in his pupils.

When not working, George is an avid reader of a wide variety of topics with scientific and science fiction books as favourites, he also enjoys listening to Rock Bands mainly from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.