Dr Hocein Bazairi, BSc, MSc, PhD

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Hocein Bazairi is a tenured Senior Professor at the Mohammed V University in Rabat (Morocco), with a PhD in Biological Oceanography. His main research and teaching are focused on marine and coastal ecosystems (biodiversity, functioning, Ecological Quality status, Environmental Impact Evaluation, Conservation, etc.) and currently on Marine and Coastal Protected Areas and nonindigenous species.

He is an expert on these topics for many national and international institutions (HCEFLCD-Morocco, PNUE-MAP-RAC/SPA-Tunisia, Conservatoire du Littoral-France, etc.). He has been involved in several national and international funded projects as an expert (MedWet, MECO, MEDCORE, WADI, MedMPA, CAMP Morocco, PEGASO, etc.) or as a national coordinator (MedMPAnet, MedKeyHabitats I and II, NTZ:MPA, IMAP/MPA, etc.). He has contributed to more than 70 peer-reviewed papers and five collective books.

Research Interests

His research focuses initially on benthic fauna (biodiversity, structure, environmental drivers, ecological status, etc.). Afterward, his research was extended to parasitic ecology (role of parasites in regulating benthic populations), trophic interactions (benthic invertebrates/waders, benthic invertebrates/fish), marine magnoliophytes as hotspots of biodiversity (mapping, characterization, contamination, etc.), assessment of the ecological quality status of coastal and marine ecosystems (from sediment, fauna and flora), and recently on ecological restoration through ecological engineering and artificial habitats. All these investigations are/were developed within the framework of national and international research projects, national and international expertise, academic supervision (Masters, PhD, etc.).

Since 2002 to present, he is interested in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) (ecological characterisation, protected species and habitats, conservation, management, ecological monitoring) and marine biological introductions. He’s an international expert on these topics with the Regional Activity Centre for Special Protected Areas (UNEP-MAP-SPA/RAC) and the Conservatoire du Littoral de France, the Mediterranean Small Islands Initiative, etc. He has an extensive experience on coastal and marine biodiversity, ecological monitoring and on the elaboration of concerted and participatory management plans of MPAs.

Selected Publications

Galanidi, M.; Aissi, M.; Ali, M.; Bakalem, A.; Bariche, M.; Bartolo, A.G.; Bazairi, H.; Beqiraj, S.; Bilecenoglu, M.; Bitar, G.; et al. (2023). Validated Inventories of Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) for the Mediterranean Sea as Tools for Regional Policy and Patterns of NIS Spread. Diversity 2023, 15, 962.

Oussellam M., Benhoussa A., Pariselle A., Rahmouni I., Salmi M., Agnèse J.F., Selfati M., El Ouamari N., Bazairi H. (2023). First and southern-most records of the American blue crab Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, 1896 (Decapoda, Portunidae) on the African Atlantic coast. BioInvasions Records 12(2): 403–416.

El Kamcha R., Boutoumit S., Bououarour O., Pouzet P., Maanan M., Benhoussa A., Bazairi H. (2023). New insights into the benthic macrofauna composition and structure in a southern-west Mediterranean coastal lagoon after restoration actions: Spatial and Seasonal patterns. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 60: 102820.

Ragkousis M., …, Bazairi H., … et al. (2023). Unpublished Mediterranean and Black Sea records of marine alien, cryptogenic, and neonative species. BioInvasions Records 12(2): 339–369,

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Boutahar, L., Espinosa, F., & Bazairi, H. (2022). Reconstruction of Cymodocea nodosa’s dynamics as a tool to examine the conservation status of a Mediterranean declared marine protected area. Mediterranean Marine Science, 23(4): 754-765.

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