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Hugh was born in Scotland, raised in Spain and lived 6 years each in Solomon Islands and Costa Rica followed by 18 years around the Pacific Region based in Fiji.  He has explored a diversity of areas, both geographically (sailed across the Atlantic in 1982, explored in the Colombian Amazon 1998-2001) and thematically (biology, aquaculture, economics, development, linguistics, ethnobiology, human rights). He is freelance and a key adviser to the Locally Managed Marine Area Network (LMMA) in Asia and the Pacific since its inception in 2000, honorary member of the Indigenous and Community Conserved Area (ICCA) Consortium and Adjunct Senior Fellow at USP’s School of Law and Social Sciences since 2017.
His main interest has been empowering, or at least defending, indigenous and community livelihoods around the world including in the areas of traditional medicine and knowledge, sustainable livelihoods, conservation, fisheries and territory/tenure.   Happiest working at the community level, particularly in Solomon Islands, he has attempted to provide tools for facilitating participatory community and small-scale fisheries governance and livelihoods and ensuring that their interests are better reflected in governance by co-authoring major regional ocean policies including the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape, SPC’s Noumea Strategy on Coastal Fisheries, Melanesian Spearhead Group Roadmap for Coastal Fisheries,  the Pacific Framework for Action on Scaling up Community-based Fisheries Management: 2021-2025 and leading drafting of national policy such as Fiji’s Ocean Policy Framework, Solomon Islands’ National Plan of Action for the Coral Triangle and PNG’s Roadmap for coastal fisheries and marine aquaculture: 2017-2026.
Clear flaws in national and regional governance have led to work on reducing corruption risks in the Pacific (UNODC), regional civil society declarations and board membership on the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI), Fiji Environmental Law Association (FELA) and the journal Marine Policy. Concerns around increasing North/South inequity and its reflection in neo-colonial global conservation paradigms has led to work on advocacy for communities and small-scale fishers including codes of conduct and critique of the 30 by 30 protected area campaign. Recent work includes stocktakes of coastal marine protected areas, community-based fisheries management and enabling institutional and legal environments in all Pacific Islands Countries and Territories for World Bank, IUCN and SPC.
Hugh has a PhD from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (1994) and has taught at post graduate and professional development levels at the University of Bremen, University of Costa Rica, Universidad Católica del Norte and University of the South Pacific.


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