Dr Jaime Davies

Dr Jaime Davies Image

University of Gibraltar:

Senior Lecturer
Natural Sciences & Environment

Research Background

Jaime is a deep-sea ecologist, with over 17 years’ experience of undertaking applied research. Her work has provided biological data to conservation agencies to aid deep-sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) implementation. Her expertise is in annotation of imagery data (still and video) to identify deep-sea animals, allowing mapping of important habitats, which aids conservation efforts.

Research Interest

Jaime is interests lie in marine conservation and mapping of deep-sea features, specifically submarine canyons. She co-founded the Submarine Canyon Network INCISE, to facilitate inter-disciplinary collaboration. INCISE hosts symposia, publishes special issues, and organises workshops. She leads several working groups, including an international litter group and imagery training and QA group. In addition to identifying and mapping deep-sea taxa, she is also interested in the effect of anthropogenic activities such as marine litter and fisheries on benthic habitats. Specially on how marine litter interacts with benthic animals, its effects and how to mitigate further damage and decline of habitats.


Jaime takes an research-led approach to teaching, incorporating current research to ensure students stay up to date with techniques and knowledge. Technical expertise which she employs in her research are incorporated into the MSc. Programme to ensure students gain real world skills, which increase employability. Examples include, training using annotation platforms such as BIIGLE and 3D image processing (photogrammetry) techniques.

Selected Publications

Hernandez, I., Davies, J.S., Huvenne, V A. I., Dissanayake, A. (2022). Marine litter in submarine canyons: A systematic review and critical synthesis. Frontiers in Marine Science 9.DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2022.965612
Howell, K.L., Davies, J.S., Allcock, L., Braga-Henriques, A., Buhl-Mortensen, P., Carreiro-Silva, M., Dominguez-Carrió, C. et al. (2019) A framework for the development of a global marine taxon reference image database to support image-based analyses. PLoS ONE 14 (12). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0218904
Davies, J.S., Guillaumont, B., Tempera, F., Vertino, A., Beuck, L., Ólafsdóttir, S.H., Smith, C., Fosså, J.H., van den Beld, I.M.J., Savini, A., Rengstorf, A., Bayle, C., Bourillet, J.-F., Arnaud-Haond, S., Grehan, A. (2017). A new classification scheme of European cold-water coral habitats: implications for ecosystem-based management of the deep sea. Deep-Sea Research II 145 102-109.
Davies, J.S., Stewart, H.A., Narayanaswamy, B.E., Jacobs, C., Spicer, J., Golding, N., Howell, K.L. (2015) Benthic assemblages of the Anton Dohrn Seamount (NE Atlantic): defining deep-sea biotopes to support habitat mapping and management efforts with a focus on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems. PLos ONE
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