Prof Julia Elizabeth Fa, BSc, MSc, PhD

Prof Julia Elizabeth Fa, BSc, MSc, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Research Fellow
PhD Supervisor
Natural Sciences & Environment
Research & Research Degrees Committee

Research Background

Julia was born and educated in Gibraltar. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Wales, and has a D.Phil. in Animal Ecology from the University of Oxford.

After completing her D.Phil., Julia spent until 1990 working at the Mexican National University, Mexico City, and as an environmental expert in the Gibraltar Government until 1993. She then held various positions of responsibility at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey until December 2013.

Julia is Professor of Biodiversity and Human Development at Manchester Metropolitan University and Senior Associate at the Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor, Indonesia. Julia is also a Visiting Professor at the Universidad de Malaga, Spain.

Research Interests

Professor Fa’s research embraces biology, economics, anthropology, and development. She has projects in Africa and South America that pursue a wide variety of global biodiversity issues – defaunation of tropical rainforests, food security, indigenous peoples and the impact of diseases on wildlife and humans.

Julia has over 200 peer-reviewed publications and nine books in her name, and has led numerous research projects in different parts of the world. She also teaches on a number of courses in academic institutions in the UK, Europe, Africa and Latin American countries.

Selected Publications

Fa, J.E., Wright, J.H., Funk, S.M., Márquez, A.L., Olivero, J., Farfán, M.Á., Guio, F., Mayet, L., Malekani, D., Louzolo C.H., Mwinyihali, R., Wilkie, D.S. & Wieland, M. (2019). Mapping the availability of bushmeat for consumption in Central African cities. Environmental Research Letters 14 (2019) 094002

Farfán Aguilar, M.A., Fa, J.E., Martín-Taboada, A., Garcia-Carrasco, J.-M., & Duarte, J. (2020). Lack of maintenance of motorway fences works against their intended purpose with potential negative impacts on protected species

El Bizri H.R., Morcatty T.Q., Valsecchi J., Mayor P., Ribeiro J.E.S., Ferreira U.C., Miranda, C.F.S., Silva C.H., Lopes V.L., Lopes G.P., Florindo C.C.F., Chagas R.C., Neto C.F.A., Nijman V. & Fa J.E. (2020). Determining urban wild meat consumption and trade in Central Amazonia. Conservation Biology 34, 438-448.

El Bizri, H.R., Fa, J.E., Lemos, L.P., Campos-Silva, J.V.,Vasconcelos Neto, C.F.A., Valsecchi, J. & Mayor, P. (2020). Involving local communities for effective citizen science: Determining game species’ reproductive status to assess hunting effects in tropical forests. Journal of Applied Ecology

Luiselli, L., Akani G.C., Ajong, S.N., George, A., Di Vittorio, M., Eniang, E.A., Dendi, D., Hema, E.M., Petrozzi, F. & Fa J.E. (2020). Predicting the structure of turtle assemblages along a megatransect in West Africa Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,