Dr Keith Bensusan, BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Keith Bensusan, BSc, MSc, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Research Fellow
PhD Supervisor
Natural Sciences & Environment
Research & Research Degrees Committee


Dr Keith has been working at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens since 2007 and became its Director in 2011. His background is in the biological sciences and he has a broad knowledge of terrestrial natural history, most notably plants, insects and birds. His PhD, which he obtained from the University of Leeds, is in avian ecology.

In addition to his work at the Botanic Gardens, he is a member of a number of statutory bodies in Gibraltar, including the Nature Conservancy Council, the CITES Scientific Authority and the Development and Planning Commission. Keith’s key interests include migration ecology, invasive species ecology, the diversity, ecology and conservation of species and habitats in Gibraltar, and succulent floras with a focus on Morocco. He is General Secretary of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS).

Research Interests

Dr Keith Bensusan has demonstrated his key interests as an academic researcher by having contributed to over 42 scientific peer-reviewed research publications which have been related to the biological sciences and natural history, most notably plants, insects and birds. He is particularly interested in the ecology and conservation of species and habitats in Gibraltar. His papers range from focusing on the natural history of raptor migration in the Straits of Gibraltar to studies that focus on Entomology in Gibraltar and surrounding regions (Spain and Morocco). He has contributed to studies with a particular focus on hymenoptera, formicidae, odonata, coleoptera and lepidoptera.

Selected Publications

Bensusan, K.J., Garcia, E.F.J. & Cortes, J.E. 2007. Trends in abundance of migrating raptors at Gibraltar in spring. Ardea, 95(1): 83-90.

Bensusan, K. 2009. Taxonomy and conservation status of Moroccan stapeliads (Apocynaceae-Asclepiadoideae-Ceropegieae-Stapeliinae). Bulletin de l’Institut Scientifique, Rabat, section Sciences de la Vie, 31(2): 67-77.

Bensusan, K.J., Shorrocks, B. & Hamer, K.C. 2011. Impacts of passage migrant songbirds on behaviour and habitat use of resident Sardinian Warblers Sylvia melanocephala in Gibraltar. Ibis, 153: 616-621.

Bensusan, K.J., Nesbit, R., Perez, C.E., Tryjanowski, P. & Zduniak, P. 2014. Species composition and dynamics in abundance of migrant and sedentary butterflies (Lepidoptera) at Gibraltar during the spring period. European Journal of Entomology, 111(4): 555-559.

Yus-Ramos, R., Ventura, D., Bensusan, K., Coello-García, P., György, Z. & Stojanova, A. 2014. Alien seed beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) in Europe. Zootaxa, 3826(3): 401-448.

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