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Mr Keith Madeira

GIS Specialist (PhD Researcher)

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Keith Madeira is the Cartographer and GIS Co-ordinator for HM Government of Gibraltar (HMGoG), as well as a PhD Researcher.

A professional background in spatial analysis and a keen interest in the military history of Gibraltar has led Keith to undertake research into the effectiveness of the Fortress of Gibraltar itself using GIS, focusing on key points throughout its history.

Being The Rock’s first dedicated cartographer in over a century puts Keith in a unique position to observe and document how the face of Gibraltar has changed over time.  A major aspect of his research currently being undertaken is to georeference a range of early maps of Gibraltar, some dating back to the early 1700s, by overlaying them digitally onto his own modern map, allowing for the first time a direct comparison between different stages of Gibraltar’s Fortress history together in one place.