Dr Lhoussain Simour, BA, MA, PhD

Dr Lhoussain Simour, BA, MA, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Senior Research Associate
History & Culture

Research Background

Dr Lhoussain Simour is an Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies as Hassan ll University of Casablanca. He has recently been appointed as Senior Research Associate at the University of Gibraltar.

Dr Simour is an active member of his field and has participated in multiple Conferences and festivals such as the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival in 2018, with a presentation  titled  “History From Below Revisited: Moroccan Captives, Acrobats, and Dancing Women beyond Borders.” Including his active status in his field, Dr Lhoussain Simour is also on numerous Board and Editorial Teams since 2016/2017 for; Postcolonial Literature, Cambridge Publishing Scholars, Athens Journal of Philology Published by the Languages & Linguistics Research Unit & the Literature Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education & Research (ATINER) and English Language, Literature & Culture (Science Publishing Group).

Research Interests

His research interests include cultural studies, colonial discourse analysis, postcolonial cinema, cultural festivals, cultural tourism, travel literature, performance studies, media studies and popular music and culture.

Within his interests of music and cinema, Dr Lhoussain Simour has specified into the postcolonialism of Morocco and Morrocan Cinema. This has led to his publications on these issues in various international journals such as; “Recollecting History beyond Borders” (2014); and “Nass el-Ghiwane and Postcolonial Music in Morocco” (2016).

Selected Publications

Simour, L. (2020). Gendered Eyewitness in Narration: Imagining Morocco in British Women Travel-Inspired Narratives in Late Nineteenth Century. Anglo Saxonica. Vol. 17. 10.5334/as.22.

Sánchez, M., Simour, L. (2019). ‘A tongue tells a thousand truths’: narration, translation and illustration in Mohamed Mrabet’s Chocolate Creams and Dollars. The Journal of North African Studies. Vol. 1-25. 10.1080/13629387.2019.1706168.

Simour, L. (2019). Shahrazad in Transatlantic Journeys: Moorish Dancing Travelers beyond Borders in 19th and early 20th Centuries”, European Journal of American Culture Vol. 38. 3, pp. 217-237.

Simour, L. (2019). The Moorish Ambassador’s Journey to Spain: cultural encounters in Ahmed ben Mehdi al-Ghazal’s natijat al ijtihcid fi al-mohcidana wa al-jihad (1766), Soroud, Volume1, lssue2, pp. 45-56.

Simour, L. (2019). The other history of cultural encounters through performance revisited: shifting discourses on Moroccan acrobatic entertainers in nineteenth-century America. Cultural Studies. Vol. 34. 1-25. 10.1080/09502386.2018.1564779.

Simour, L. (2018). Demythologizing the American Dream: A Rereading of Layla Abu Zayd’s Amrfkci, al-wagh al-cikhar [America’s other face] (1991), Annals of Philosophy, Social and Human Disciplines, Vol. 19, Issue 1, pp. 5-15. ISSN 2069-4008 (Print); 2069-4016 (Online)

Simour, L. (2017). (Re)Locating Space in Hakim Belabbas’s khayt al-rii/1 [Threads] and Farida Belyazid’s bab sma maftii/1 [A Door to the Sky], International Journal of Francophone Studies Vol. 20: 1-2, pp. 9-23. DOI: 10.1386/ijfs.20.1&2.9_1. ISSN 1368-2679 (Print); ISSN 1758-9142 (Online)

Simour, L. et al., (2017). “La Francophonie, la Culture et le Colonialisme: Approche postcolonial a  la  Litterature Marocaine d’Expression Fran aise,” Analyse du Discours/Anadiss, Vol. 23, Issue 1, pp. 59-63.

Simour, L. (2014). Blurring the Boundaries of Gendered Encounters: Moorish Dancing Girls in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century American Fair Exhibitions. Hawwa. Vol. 11. 133-159. 10.1163/15692086-12341250.

Simour, L. (2013). American Fair Expositions Revisited: Morocco’s Acrobatic Performers between the Industry of Entertainment and the Violence of Racial Display. Journal for Cultural Research. Vol. 17. 295-322. 10.1080/14797585.2012.752163.

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