Dr Liesl Mesilio, BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Liesl Mesilio, BSc, MSc, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Research and Research Degrees Committee Member
PhD Supervisor
Natural Sciences & Environment
Research & Research Degrees Committee

Research Background

Liesl Mesilio is a geography graduate of the University of Reading, and read for her masters degree in Environmental Technology followed by her PhD in Environmental Geochemistry at Imperial College. Her thesis, for which she carried out the first inorganic geochemical baseline survey of soils in Gibraltar, subsequently formed the basis for contaminated land policy and management in Gibraltar.

She is a Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist who has twenty years’ work experience in an array of fields within the portfolio of environmental management. As an environmental consultant, she worked on contaminated land, environmental risk monitoring and sustainable development projects before joining HM Government of Gibraltar at the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Climate Change. As Chief Scientist her mandate at the Department spans effective environmental protection, addressing the threat of climate change, protecting and enhancing the natural environment, developing sustainable waste management practices, and promoting energy efficiency and sustainable energy generation. She has drafted various environmental instruments both in the form of primary and secondary legislation. She also works with EU working groups on marine policy, habitats, waste and renewable energy and with the Environment Ministers Council of the UK Overseas Territories on the adoption of international environmental instruments.

Research Interests

She is an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Life and Earth Sciences at the University of Gibraltar. She supervises PhD students at the University and her areas of work there includes environmental quality and ethics, conservation tools and strategy, international environmental law, and environmental policy and governance.