Dr Margaret Williams, BA, MA, PhD

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University of Gibraltar:

Research Associate
History & Culture

Research Background

Dr Margaret Williams has recently been appointed as a Research Associate at the University of Gibraltar. She has extensive experience working as a practitioner, manager, nurse educationist and teacher. Dr Williams has also been a keen speaker at multiple National and International Conferences on topics including improvement systems in the practice and studies in people with Mental difficulties.

Research Interests

Dr Margaret Williams’ research interests extend from practice to quality standard assessments. Her Research dissertation won an award as it provided a ‘pilot’ study into using the ‘Ward as Learning Environment’ which consisted of three components:

  • Developing a learner nurse questionnaire for the evaluation of training wards.
  • The correlation between sickness/absence rates.
  • The Ward’s environment and the ward sister’s style of management.

The result was the production of a mechanism for the identification and monitoring system for deficiencies in Ward areas.

Dr Williams was the Chairperson of Frenchay District’s Research Interest Group. This delved into many projects such as Back Injury Amongst Nurses in the Health Authority. The research included the evaluation of environmental constraints, the uses/abuses of resources and therefore helped inform and recommend elements to the relevant staff.

Selected Publications

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