Dr Matthew Reed, BA, MSc, PhD

Dr Matthew Reed, BA, MSc, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Senior Research Associate, Senior Academic Lecturer
PhD Supervisor

Research Background

Dr Matt Reed has recently been appointed Senior Research Associate and Senior Academic Lecturer at the University of Gibraltar. Dr Reed is a sociologist who is interested in how food changes people and how we together can change the food system. His research has led him to work with farmers, fishers, foodies and policy people in rural areas and cities.

Research Interests

His research interests include how and why social change takes place around food and he has been researching the organic food movement for more than a decade. He is also interested in the farming family, rural communities, social networks, fishing communities and the changing technologies of food.

Dr Reed initially started his academic career focused on organic farming. Since then he has studied the language around food, genetic technologies, as well as farming policy, urban agriculture and the development of rural communities. This span of research has meant co-operating with a wide range of disciplines from linguistics to genetics by way of ecology and crop science. Recently, Dr Reed’s interests have taken him into the new spaces of food online.

Selected Publications

Reed, M. (ed.) (2012) Organic Food and Agriculture – New Trends and Developments in the Social Sciences. InTech, Croatia

Reed, M. (2010) Rebels for The Soil – The Rise of the Global Organic Movement. London: Earthscan.

Holt, G. and Reed, M. (Eds.) (2006). Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture: from Pioneer to Policy. CAB International.

Reed, M. (2020). Scientific citizens, smartphones and social media – reshaping the socio-spatial networks of participation: Insects, soil and food. Moravian Geographical Reports. 28. 1. 61-67. DOI: 10.2478/mgr-2020-0005. []

Reed, M., and Keech, D., (2019) Making the city smart from the Grassroots up: the sustainable food networks of Bristol.  City, Culture and Society .16 pp 45-51

Mills, J., Reed, M, Skaalsveen, K., and Ingram, J., (2019) The use of Twitter for sustainable soil management knowledge exchange.  Soil Use and Management Vol. 35 (1). Pp 195-2003. DOI: 10.1111/sum.12485. []

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