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Ms Natalie Muirhead-Davies

Graduate Research & Teaching Associate (GRTA) Student Academic Board Member

Academic Board


Natalie is a PhD researcher who was a University of Gibraltar MSc Marine Sciences and Climate Change student, 2021/2022, and is a BSc Environmental Sciences graduate from Bath Spa University. After graduating from Bath Spa in 2016, she built an eclectic CV with roles including milking cows, a sustainable building design guide writer, a ranger, a gardener and a racehorse stable manager.

In 2021, she made the decision to change careers and return to academia to improve her chances of finding employment in the marine sustainability sector, her main area of interest, and moved from the UK to Gibraltar to join the university. During the course, she found that marine policy and management were her topics of particular interest in relation to marine conservation. Natalie designed her independent research project around these areas and has taken the opportunity to develop the project further as a PhD researcher, she is also providing assistance in both the Library and the School of Marine Science.



In Press: ‘Marine Area-based Conservation in the Context of Global Change: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities, with a focus on the Mediterranean’ in New perspectives in marine coastal conservation and sustainable development on the Anthropocene (Chapter 2). Bazairi, H., El Asmi, S., Limam, A., Espinosa, F., Warr., Muirhead-Davies, N. N., Dissanayake, A. and Fa, D. (2022). Elsevier.