Dr Paul Touyz, BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Paul Touyz, BSc, MSc, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Research Associate
History & Culture

Research Background

Dr Paul Touyz has recently been appointed as a Research Associate at the University of Gibraltar.

Dr Touyz has taught at the University of Sydney, Princeton University and the University of Kansas. He has a PhD in Classical Literature and Philology from Princeton University.

His works delve into Ancient Classic Theories and Greek Antiquity, which are reflected in his published works such as “The Ancient Reception of Aeschylean Satyr Play”.

Research Interests

Ancient Philosophy, Classics, Languages in German and Ancient Greek.

Selected Publications

Touyz, P. (2019) “The Ancient Reception of Aeschylean Satyr Play”, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, 62(2), pp. 97-117. doi: 10.1111/2041-5370.12109.

Touyz, P.  (2018). “Satyrs under the kings”. Theatre and Autocracy. University of Sydney.

Touyz, P. (2017). “Satyrplay as a postclassical genre”. Greek Drama V. University of British Columbia.

Touyz, P. (2017). “Putting the Goat into Goat-Song”. Encyclopedic Knowledge in and of Antiquity. Humboldt University, Berlin.

Touyz, P. (2016). “Horses, goats, and tragedy”. Greek Satyr Play. Reconstructing a Dramatic Genre from its Remnants. University of Patras.

Touyz, P. (2015). “Translation as Monument”. Response to Han Lamers, “Antiquating Mussolini’s Message: Nicola Festa’s Latin Translations of Mussolini’s ‘Imperial Speeches”. Princeton-Humboldt Early Career Workshop: Technical Translations; Translation Technique. Princeton University.

Touyz, P. (2015). “Figuring song in the Hesiodic Aspis”. CorHaLi: Modes iconiques: objets graphiques, objets textuels en Grèce archaïque. EHESS, Paris.

Touyz, P. (2015).“‘Der Ungezogne Liebling der Grazien’: A Re-examination of Goethe’s Early Reception of Aristophanes.” Oxford German Studies, 44.2: 136-157.

Touyz, P. (2014). “Goethe and the historiography of satyr-play”. Scholarship and/as the Postclassical. Postgraduate and Early Career Workshop. Ioannou Centre, University of Oxford.

Touyz, P. (2013). Response to Helen Roche, “Anti-Enlightenment: National Socialist Educators’ Troubled Relationship with Humanism and the Philhellenist Tradition”. Untimeliness. Postgraduate and Early Career Workshop. Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.

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