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Mr Pedro Romero

PhD Student

Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming|PhD


Pedro is a seasoned Safer Gambling expert. He has worked in senior roles at leading iGaming companies throughout his career. He also held the role of Head of Gambling Therapy, a UK-based charity that provides online support for problem gamblers worldwide.

Pedro is a trained psychologist and psychodynamic counsellor with extensive CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) training and more than a decade of experience in multiple settings including private practice, university and clinics. Pedro is also an Executive Leadership Coach, trained at the prestigious Tavistock Institute. He combines his clinical practice with industry consultancy and research at the CERG.

During his time working in the treatment of gambling disorder, Pedro was disappointed with the high drop-off and high relapse rate of gamblers in treatment. He is determined to research ways to improve clinical outcomes.

His PhD focus is on researching novel treatments for people affected by the negative consequences of excessive gambling, with a focus on psychedelic assisted therapy for gambling disorder.”