Ms Samantha Slisarenko Image

Ms Samantha Slisarenko

Graduate Research & Teaching Associate (GRTA)


Samantha is a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (GRTA) at the university, currently working towards the completion of her PhD. In her role as a GRTA, she supports the School of Marine and Environmental Science and the Parasol Library by delivering course materials and assisting with academic programmes.

Samantha is an alumna of The University of Gibraltar’s Master of Science in Marine Science and Climate Change programme. Before coming to Gibraltar, she earned her Honours BSc in Environmental Biology from the University of Toronto, Trinity College, and completed a graduate degree in Ecosystem Restoration at Niagara College of Canada. During her studies in Canada, she collaborated with conservation authorities on aquatic and terrestrial conservation work and ecological surveying.

Her research primarily focuses on the dynamics of climate variability and its impact on marine systems; this includes studying the Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) caught in Gibraltar, utilising multi-method approaches in collaboration with local government and the angling community. Samantha’s work aims to contribute to a better understanding of marine biodiversity and the effects of climate variability on ocean systems, while also fostering the next generation of marine scientists through comprehensive teaching and mentorship.

In her current role, Samantha has contributed 100+ hours of teaching and research assistance. She provides supervisory support for Master of Science students undertaking independent research projects, including eDNA analysis of local fish species and yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) fishery research. Her teaching responsibilities include leading the core course module on Oceanographic Processes, as well as instructing statistics and providing academic support. Additionally, Samantha provides research assistance, encompassing fieldwork activities such as water quality sampling, deploying Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVs), the collection of fishery data, conducting environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis, rocky shore surveys, marine litter surveys, and plankton sampling surveys.