Ms Samantha Slisarenko Image

Ms Samantha Slisarenko

Graduate Research & Teaching Associate (GRTA)


Samantha is a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (GRTA) at the university, currently working towards the completion of her PhD. As a GRTA, Samantha assists with the delivery of material for the School of Marine Science and the Parasol Library.

Samantha is an alumna​ of The University of Gibraltar’s Master of Science in Marine Science and Climate Change programme. Before moving to Gibraltar, she was awarded her Hons. BSc at the University of Toronto, Trinity College, in environmental biology before completing a graduate degree in ecosystem restoration at Niagara College of Canada. During her studies in Canada, she worked alongside conservation authorities performing aquatic and terrestrial conservation work and ecological surveying. Samantha’s research interests include the effects of climate variability on commercial fish stocks, namely Atlantic bluefin tuna, using stable isotope markers.