Dr Shu (Mogu) Yu, PhD

Dr Shu (Mogu) Yu, PhD Image

University of Gibraltar:

Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming

Research Background

Mogu received her higher education at the University of Macau, China. After obtaining B.S.S. in Psychology, she earned her Criminology, then completed her Ph.D. in Psychology. Her work mainly focused on research concerning both individual and public health, with particular emphasis on addictive behaviors (e.g., gambling, gaming, Internet use, and smartphone use). In the past few years, she has conducted projects on psychosocial protective/risk factors for behavioral addictions, juvenile delinquency, and people’s gambling attitude in different cultural background.

Research Interests

Mogu is particularly interested in maladaptive cognitions that contribute to the development of behavioral addictions (e.g., Gambling Disorder, Internet Gaming Disorder, etc.), and the moderating effects of cognitive-behavioral skills as protective factors against such addictions. Besides, in order to facilitate Chinese addiction research, Mogu also works on developing and validating related measurement tools.

Selected Publications

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