PGCE Graduate Nicholas Borge | Cultural Award-nominated ‘Buddy Bench’ initiative

PGCE Graduate spotlight on Nicholas Borg and his contributions to the Cultural Award nominated 'Buddy Bench' initiative which he took part in during his time on placement.
6th September 2022
The university is proud to support PGCE Graduate Nicholas Borge and his involvement in GibSams and St Bernard’s Upper Primary School’s Cultural Award-nominated ‘Buddy Bench’ initiative and mural to encourage kindness and friendship amongst the St Bernard’s pupils.
He collaborated with the school’s supportive staff and GibSams colleagues. Nicholas Borge formed part of the team that implemented the project. The Buddy Bench is a designated place where children in a playground can signal they feel lonely and want to play or interact with someone else.
The Bench’s concept was posed to each student, who were then encouraged to submit their designs for the Bench. The Bench’s design was then taken on by talented volunteer artist, Naomi Duarte, to select and amalgamate four students’ designs, one from each year group. After finalising the design and securing the relevant permissions with the support of the school’s Elaine D’Amato, the Bench and accompanying mural were painted by Ms Duarte using materials donated by GibSams.
When asked how this initiative has impacted the students he has been teaching during his PGCE year, Nicholas replied: “This project allowed me to instil the Bench’s principles in the class I taught during my PGCE. I also had the gratifying opportunity to share these teachings with the entire school through the lessons I prepared and year-group presentations I gave during the school’s Wellbeing Day. Many students expressed a thorough understanding of the Bench’s purpose, and I observed instances where students actively supported others who had been on their own in the playground”.
Public voting for this year’s Cultural Awards 2022 is now open. We wish Nicholas and everybody involved with the Buddy Bench initiative the best of luck.
We also wish Nicholas the best of luck with his future career as a teacher.
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