Student Perspective | Janella Borrell | PGCE

"I really like how placement is introduced so early in the academic year – I feel as though this gives us as much of a practical experience as possible."
22nd November 2021
Janella Borrell is on our Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) programme. Originally from Gibraltar, Janella hopes to secure a job as a secondary science teacher after graduating.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Gibraltar?

I chose to study a PGCE at the University of Gibraltar because I know people who have completed the course previously and they have spoken very highly of the lecturers and the support received. Having studied my undergraduate degree at a large university where I sat with hundreds of other students in lecture rooms, I was looking forward to studying within a small cohort and feeling more connected to my lecturers.

What has been your experience of the programme so far?

I have really enjoyed this fast-paced, dynamic programme and have loved getting to know the rest of the cohort. The lecturers and school-based mentors have been lovely and very supportive. I really like how placement is introduced so early in the academic year compared to other universities – I feel as though this gives us as much of a practical experience as possible, which is paramount in a PGCE course.

As part of your degree you have spent some time on placement; what was that like?

I have very much enjoyed placement and have already taught quite a lot of lessons even though I am aware that for a lot of PGCE courses in the UK, students have not yet started teaching. I think it is useful to experience the classroom environment quite early on, to be able to link the theory work to the practicalities of being in a classroom – learning by doing. The mentors and school staff have been extremely welcoming and supportive.

How have you found student life at the University of Gibraltar?

I have loved getting to know the rest of my PGCE cohort, who are of all ages and come from very different backgrounds. We have formed a special bond and regularly arrange to meet up for social events and catch-ups. We also keep in touch through our WhatsApp group.

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

Once I graduate, I hope to secure a secondary science teaching job. I am really enjoying being able to teach in the classroom and look forward to hopefully being a fully qualified teacher this time next year.

What would you say to someone interested in studying at the University of Gibraltar?

I would say go for it. Gibraltar is such a unique place, and the university staff and lecturers are all so kind and supportive. The smaller classes compared to other universities mean that you can build up a close relationship with your lecturers and peers, who will be happy to make time to support you and listen to you. Gibraltar also has a lot to offer in terms of extra-curricular sports and activities, including walks in the upper rock, to make the most of its spectacular views and wildlife.
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