PGCE students learn about citizen and diversity

10th November 2020
As part of the PGCE’s ‘Educating for Citizenship and Diversity’ component, the Ministry of Equality was invited to present to the cohort lectures and workshops to raise their awareness of central issues and latest resources surrounding matters of equality, diversity and inclusion.  Minister Sacramento visited the University and launched the day, highlighting to the students the importance of teaching our newest members of society – our children – about these issues so the difficulties and obstacles faced by many today because of inequalities in society are erased through education and that the PGCE students, as part of the wave of future teachers, are in a prime position to lead that effort.
The visit by the Ministry of Equality team was welcomed by the School of Education as it marks the consolidation of the positive working relationship between the Ministry and the School with this being the second year that they attend university to deliver this content.

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