Professor Demetrovics | Problematic Use of the Internet and Internet Addiction: Challenges and Perspectives Conference | CERG

The guest plenary lecture was delivered in the Lithuanian Parliament on 30th September 2022.
5th October 2022
Professor Zsolt Demetrovics, Chair of the University’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming, delivered a plenary guest lecture in the Lithuanian Parliament on the 30 September 2022 at the “Problematic Use of the Internet and Internet Addiction: Challenges and Perspectives” International Conference.
The main goal of this conference was to catalyse the dialogue regarding the problematic use of the internet, find possible solutions, evaluate the existing ways of help, and formulate recommendations. The event was attended by 200 mental health policymakers, psychologists, health care professionals, researchers, representatives of NGOs from the field of addiction prevention, youth organisations, and the internet and telecommunications industry.
Prof Demetrovics, in his presentation titled “Why the motivational aspects of behavioural addictions are important?” highlighted the relevance of motivational factors in determining the onset and maintenance of addictive behaviours such as video game use and gambling. Results of Prof Demetrovics’ and his colleagues’ research show that motivational factors often play a more important role in these mechanisms than the amount of time spent on gaming or gambling. Certain motives, for example gaming in order to reduce stress or negative feelings, represent an elevated risk towards problem gaming.
Find out more about Prof Zsolt Demetrovics and the research being conducted at the Centre of Responsible Gambling at the university of Gibraltar here.