Remote Gambling Online Course

This online course covers Remote Gambling, Anti-Money Laundering and Responsible Gambling

  • Remote Gambling
  • Online
  • 4-5 (approx) Hours
  • Start every 1st or 15th of the month

About this course

If you are working within the gaming industry, this course will give you a robust understanding of responsible gambling and the implications for your organisation.
This online course is accessible 24/7.
It is also designed for you to understand and interpret key areas such as: Remote Gambling and its products; Anti-Money Laundering and crime prevention; problem gambling (to include comorbidity); gambling harm; signs of risk; the importance of the application and compliance with regulatory frameworks and company policies.
You will encounter real life case scenarios that feature Gaming Operators and lessons learnt.

Course units

There are three units which must be completed. Each unit has a graded multiple-choice assessment to test your understanding.
A 70% pass rate must be achieved in each unit to pass the course.
The units are:
Remote Gambling and its Products
Anti- Money Laundering (AML)
Responsible Gambling
Typically this online course takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete.
The course will commence on the 1st or the 15th of every month. However, learners can start the course on any date, after commencement, and must complete all 3 units (which can be taken independently) within 30 days. The course units will cover the following areas:

  Remote Gambling and its Products

  • Terms in Legislation
  • Games of Chance versus Skill
  • Remote Gambling Products
  • Legal Framework, Licensing and Regulation
  • Licensed Companies & its People


  Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

  • Global Concern and Global Commitment
  • Risk-based Approach
  • Financial crimes in Remote Gambling
  • AML Compliance for Operators
  • Offences and Consequences
  • Overlap with Responsible Gambling
  • Compliance Framework in Action

  Responsible Gambling

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Preventing Underage Play
  • Reducing Risk for Vulnerable Players
  • Problem Gambling and Harm
  • Signs of Risk
  • Customer Interactions
  • Case Studies of Remote Gambling Operators

Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Interpret the fundamental concepts of Remote Gambling
  • Describe the key differences between Gibraltar and Great Britain’s regulatory environments
  • Communicate with the appropriate terminology to stakeholders such as customers, regulator, policy makers and colleagues
  • Explain the differences in risks amongst Remote Gambling products (Games of Chance/Skill)
  • Interpret the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements for the Remote Gambling industry
  • Understand the key elements of a compliance framework for Remote Gambling Operators (Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Suspicious Activity Report (SARs))
  • Identify different types of financial crime and ML offences, penalties, and consequences for Remote Gambling Operators
  • Apply this knowledge to scenarios, identify the elements of compliance that can prevent or detect Money Laundering (ML)
  • Understand the overlap between AML risk and responsible gambling risk
  • Describe the Regulatory Compliance to prevent underage play
  • Explain the differences between: Problem Gambling; Problem Gambling Comorbidity; Gambling Harm;
  • Identify signs of risk for vulnerable players
  • Understand the process for escalating Player Protection as Player Risk increases

Entry profile

Persons working in the gaming industry or persons who would like to gain further knowledge and understanding within the Remote Gambling industry.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion and passing the three assessments, you will be awarded a University of Gibraltar Certificate of Completion.