CII Certificate of Insurance (CERT CII)

‘Fast Track’ study programme

  • Insurance
  • Part Time
  • 6 Months
  • Start 20th September 2023

About this course

The University of Gibraltar will be offering the ‘Fast Track’ CII Certificate in Insurance (CERT CII) programme, in collaboration with the UK Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Gibraltar Insurance Institute (GII), subject to adequate interest received.


Students will have the opportunity to sit three Certificate units within a 6 month period enabling them to complete their qualification whilst being supported throughout their studies by a comprehensive package, which includes:

  • Study text with updates (E-Book Format);
  • Two to three block days of face-to-face training sessions per unit;
  • Delivered by a qualified CII tutor;
  • RevisionMate online study support tailored to each unit, including study tips;
  • Access to student discussion forums to learn with peers;
  • Access to a CII tutor/mentor to provide ongoing technical support and guidance; and
  • Cost of 1 Exam attempt per unit and exam guide
*Should you already have your textbook please contact us on
This Fast-Track programme provides students with a quicker route to achieve the CII Certificate in Insurance (CERT CII) qualification.
Students who already hold one or more of the Certificate units can join the programme to complete their studies. Students are expected to register directly with the CII to register as a CII Member.

About CII?

The CII promotes higher standards of integrity, technical competence and business capability for the insurance and financial planning professions.

Membership of the CII covers all disciplines within the insurance industry (claims, broking, underwriting and sales), those working in the life and pensions sector, the mortgage advice market and financial advisers (under the Personal Finance Society brand). As one of the largest examination awarding bodies in the UK, CII has delivered education to over one million students in 150 countries over the last 10 years. Success in CII qualifications is universally recognised as a global standard.

Course Delivery

You will need to obtain 40 CII credits in order to achieve the CII Certificate in Insurance (CERT CII) qualification. We are offering the following units:

Unit Credits No of sessions Notes
IF1 Insurance, legal and regulatory 15 3 sessions Compulsory unit
IF3 Insurance underwriting process 15 2 sessions
IF4 Insurance claims handing process 15 2 sessions

If you are interested in other units let us know and we will look into these, subject to demand.

Full details of the CII Certificate in Insurance (CERT CII) qualification can be found on the following link:

Delivery dates

Sessions will be delivered face-to-face at the University of Gibraltar, Europa Point Campus.

Unit Session Revision session
IF1 Insurance, legal and regulatory 20th & 21st September 2023 8th November 2023
IF3 Insurance underwriting process 22nd November 2023 20th December 2023
IF4 Insurance claims handing process 24th January 2024 28th February 2024


CII have made changes to the exam booking system. Bleak House remains the CII exam centre for Gibraltar, however, under the system, students are able to book their own exam date and time around their commitments and when they are ready rather than on a set date as done previously.
Candidates will be issued with an exam voucher which can be redeemed for an exam date of their choice.
We are able to assist students with this process if required.

This Qualification Provides

Benefits to the Students

  • Opportunity to be CERT CII qualified within 6 months;
  • Face-to-face training, locally, for all revision courses; you can ask the tutor questions directly, which provides for quality discussion and improves chances of passing exams;
  • Full study support through the online resource RevisionMate and access to the CII tutor as well as student discussion forum;
  • Over 40 hours Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for attendance to all the face training as well as your own study hours;
  • Great facilities at the iconic campus at the University of Gibraltar.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Fast-track qualification: Opportunity for staff to be CERT CII qualified in 6 months;
  • Reduced costs: nominal  travel, no accommodation or subsistence costs in comparison to expenses incurred in attending a UK revision course;
  • Less down-time: maximum of 7 days away from the office over 6 months (exclusive of exam sittings), in contrast to multiple trips to the UK, each requiring several days travel at a time;
  • With increasing regulatory requirements in Gibraltar and UK, the CERT CII fast-track will contribute to your staff members’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD) including over 40 hours CPD. As you know, regulatory requirements are focussing on individuals working in the industry being fit and proper who need to meet certain conduct, knowledge and competency requirements;
  • Fully supported face-to-face training, providing an increased chance of staff passing exams.


Perfect course to ensure you gain your qualification in as fast a time period as

Oliver Porral

Insightful and interactive, well structured and well delivered

Monica Fintinariu

Highly recommend this course!

Lesley Catania

Entry Profile

This programme is open to any person, irrespective of educational background or experience. It is suitable for a diverse range of people, including:

  • Anyone wishing to gain a broad understanding of insurance principles, key disciplines and products;
  • Employees who have no formal insurance qualifications but wish to objectively demonstrate insurance knowledge and understanding;
  • Anyone working in specific technical claims handling or underwriting roles within a call or service centre environment;
  • Insurance staff employed in support functions such as human resources, marketing, IT and finance, wishing to develop an understanding of the industry in which they work;
  • Staff working for an organisation whose primary business is not insurance, but which offers insurance advice and products as part of its overall service to customers.


Course fees for Academic year 2023/2024, fees stated below include E-Books and exam fee:

 Offering Units No Units Total
Full programme Full Programme 3 £1,950
Price of unit IF3 or IF4 1 £575
Price of IF1 IF1 1 £860

Employee Investment

This programme has been developed by the Gibraltar Insurance Institute (GII) with particular focus of CII members and employers’ needs.

The fee structure is flexible, allowing students to take separate units, or the full programme. This assists employers in paying for each unit separately and at different stages in the programme.

Register Your Interest

Applications for the Full programme and individual units  have now closed for academic year 2023/2024. Please register your interest below for the next course.