Professional Diploma of Competence in Gibraltar Financial Services

Gibraltar’s Financial Services industry has a variety of licensable activities which are regulated. This course provides a solid foundation into seven licensable activities.

  • Business and Finance
  • Part Time
  • 40 Weeks
  • Start September 2023

About this course

This Diploma is a cross-sector qualification and provides a solid foundation into licensable activities within Financial Services in Gibraltar.  It is Gibraltar-centric in terms of practices, procedures and law.   It has been developed in direct consultation with the Regulator and each industry sector to provide an education award which should serve as an industry standard.
In close collaboration with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and the relevant professional body associations, namely: Gibraltar Association of Compliance Officers (GACO), Gibraltar Society of Accountants (GSA), Association of Trust and Company Managers Gibraltar (ATCOM), Gibraltar Bankers’ Association (GBA), The Gibraltar Funds and Investment Association (GFIA), Gibraltar Insurance Institute (GII) and Gibraltar Association for New Technology (GANT).
This cross-sector qualification will enhance industry cohesiveness in terms of level of learning, terminology, best practice, procedure and legal requirements.
This course will upskill the local Financial Services industry and thus create harmonisation in terms of dialogue, terminology and understanding between sectors.

Who is the course for?

Individuals who currently work or are looking to work within the Financial Services sector and wish to gain an industry standard qualification.

What will I receive at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of the course, all learners will be issued with an education award, Professional Diploma of Competence in Gibraltar Financial Service from the University of Gibraltar.
This qualification is endorsed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Who teaches the course?

Each topic will be delivered by Industry Expert Speakers.
Learners will gain insight into the industry based on real-life case scenarios and practical application of each topic.

Hear what our previous students have to say

Course Details

This diploma will comprise:

  • 56 hours of face-to-face delivery

  • Two hour session weekly

  • 100 hours of private study

  • 10 hours of assessment (multiple choice tests, group presentations, assignment)

  • A Level 5 (second year degree level)

The University of Gibraltar will be running this course on a part-time basis to accommodate persons working standard office hours.

The course commences in September 2023 and sessions will take place once a week in the evenings for two hours at the University campus. The course timetable includes the following breaks: Mid-term (October 2023 and February 2024) and Easter (March 2024).

The sequence in which each topic will be covered and the contents of each session may be subject to change.

  • To understand why and how the financial services industry is regulated

  • To provide the learner with broad-base knowledge of licensable activities within the Financial Services sector in Gibraltar

  • To enhance professional standards of those working within Financial Services

  • To provide cohesiveness in terms of terminology, best practice and legal requirements within Gibraltar Financial Services

The course comprises of eight units:

  1. Regulation & GFSC

  2. Compliance, Risk & AML

  3. Interpretation of Financial Statements

  4. Companies

  5. Banking

  6. Funds

  7. Insurance

  8. Distributed Ledger Technology


The purpose I enrolled into the course was to broaden my experience in different areas of Financial Services. Despite having worked in the Financial Services Industry for quite some time, I had just set up my own practice and felt that the course would be useful from both a learning perspective and a practical perspective. Currently I am on my fourth module of the course and my experience so far has been a very positive one. The speakers are highly experienced in the subject and have practical day to day experience which they can draw on when lecturing the course. The breadth of areas covered is very wide and the content is very exhaustive. Further students are tested on the subject matter and the assessments are graded which although challenging incentivises students to revise plus ensure that they really know the subject. The course takes me back to my University Days and I would recommend this course to anyone working in the Financial Services Industry."

James OtonStudent Testimonial (October 2022)

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I feel that it provides a great opportunity to engage and learn in the different financial service sectors in Gibraltar

cohort 2022/2023

My previous qualifications were obtained by remote learning and the thought of studying in a University environment was quite overwhelming, but I didn't need to worry, the Professional Development Team were friendly, extremely supportive and welcomed student feedback throughout the course. It was great to interact with my peers and I enjoyed feeling like part of a team. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to progress in a Financial Services role in Gibraltar

cohort 2022/2023

This course has provided me with invaluable knowledge and insight into the key sectors of Gibraltar financial services. The course was taught by industry experts, and has a strong local focus which I wouldn’t have been able to obtain anywhere else. I’m sure I will be able to apply much of this knowledge in my profession over the years to come

cohort 2022/2023

Would highly recommend this course, especially to those considering a career in financial services. The understanding gained in each of the modules allows you to determine which area is best suited to your strengths and would definitely prove to be advantageous when applying for roles within the industry

cohort 2022/2023

I would recommend this course to any persons who are interested or work within the financial sectors. The amount of knowledge received within the year has been great and will be utilised in my day to day job

cohort 2022/2023

Entry profile

To be eligible for this course, candidates should ideally be currently employed within one of the Financial Service sectors in Gibraltar.  You will be asked to submit your CV and a recommendation letter from your employer.
If English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of competence in English which is acceptable to the University.


The course fee for academic year 2023/2024 is £4,000.00
This includes tuition, course materials and examination fees.

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