Management Communication in Action

This course is the sequel to the Introduction to Management and concentrates purely on a manager’s ability to communicate effectively to team members, colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

  • Business and Finance
  • Block delivery
  • 4 Days
  • Start March 2023

About this course

Participants will develop essential leadership communication skills through discussion and practice. This course highlights the differences in communication styles. It will enhance assertiveness, whilst developing presentation skills, one-to-one training skills, meeting and briefing skills for each individual’s development as well as organisational development.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The University is accredited by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service.  This means that we provide recognised independent continuous professional development accreditation compatible with global CPD principles. Delegates who participate in CPD activities are at the advantage of ensuring that their academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated: allowing individuals to continually ‘upskill’ or ‘re-skill’ themselves, regardless of occupation, age or educational level. Our course have CPD certification and therefore carry CPD points.
Certificate of completion will carry 28 CPD points.

Course Delivery

The course is designed for participants to practice their learning in a safe environment, and they will be required to conduct a presentation and one-to-one training session. Participants will upskill their managerial qualities and will receive constructive feedback to implement knowledge gained into future performance in the workplace.  This course requires participation and engagement to be able to achieve excellent results.  Throughout the 4 days, there will be simulations (role-plays) to reinforce learning.

A Multiple Choice Test will be sat by all participants to assess knowledge gained.

Block 1:
Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th March (inclusive)
Block 2: Monday 20th to Tuesday 21st March (inclusive)
Duration: Four days block delivery
Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Course Outline

Day 1 & 2: Directive Communication for Managers
Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March 2023

On successful completion, you will be able to:
  • Identify your personal communication style
  • Use your style to Influence others
  • Explain what influences behaviour and communication
  • Define the differences between Assertive, Aggressive & Passive behaviours
  • Identify the skills and qualities of great presenters
  • Explain the requirements of preparation when presenting
  • Identify how to structure a presentation
  • Overcome some of the physical symptoms of presenting
  • Conduct a 15-minute presentation and receive professional feedback
  • Identify the structure of a professional briefing
  • Conduct a briefing and receive professional feedback

Day 3 & 4: Facilitative Communication for Managers
Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st March 2023

On successful completion, you will be able to:
  • Identify different learning styles
  • Identify the skills and qualities of a great one-to-one Trainer
  • Explain why one-to-one Training improves peoples learning
  • Structure a training session using the Coaching Model
  • Learn the technique of performance coaching using GROW
  • Conduct a 15-minute one-to-one Training session and receive professional feedback
  • Identify the structure and requirements of an informative meeting
  • List the skills required to facilitate an effective meeting
  • Identify your role in a meeting when you are not the facilitator
  • Conduct a group meeting

Entry Profile

This course is for those interested in developing their skills or enhancing existing knowledge in these areas.


Course fee for 4 day course: £1,140
Course fee for 2 day course: £570
This fee includes registration and tuition fees as well as lunch at the Bistro Point restaurant.
The University cannot guarantee places on this course which may be limited due to class size and in order to ensure quality of teaching. The course will be delivered subject to minimum numbers being met.


Delegates can apply for the four day Management Communication in Action course or can choose to enrol for the two day Directive Communication for Managers course or two day Facilitative Communication for Managers courses.
Deadline for applications will be Monday 6th March 2023.
Please apply using the relevant course application links below:

Management Communications in Action (4 Days)

Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th March and Monday 20th to Tuesday 21st March 2023 (inclusive).

Directive Communication for Managers (2 Days)

Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th March 2023 (inclusive).

Facilitative Communication for Managers (2 Days)

Monday 20th to Tuesday 21st March 2023 (inclusive).