Public Seminar: Bringing Sustainability Science to Life

26th April 2018

The University of Gibraltar invites you to an evening seminar by influential visiting academic, Professor Tim O’Riordan.

Thursday 3rd May 2018
Europa Point Campus, University of Gibraltar

About the Seminar:

Sustainability science is a process of community wide engagement geared to bettering people and nature for ever. It is both transformative and experiential. Its purpose is to shift personal and societal behaviour and institutions in the direction of sustainability. To achieve this requires a progressive shift in the role and characteristics of learning and the research. The seminar will explore these concepts through the exposure of case examples.

About the Speaker

Professor Tim O’Riordan OBE is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. He holds an MA in Geography from the University of Edinburgh, an MS in Water Resources Engineering from Cornell University, and a PhD in Geography from the University of Cambridge.

As well as being actively involved in research, his direct work relates to the creation of sound economies and societies for a sustainable future.

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Professor O’Riordan is in Gibraltar to supervise the work of one of the University’s PhD Researchers, as well as provide guidance to the University’s diverse community of research students. He is one of a wide network of international experts that students can access during their studies at the University of Gibraltar.

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