The University of Gibraltar has two research institutes, The Institute of Life and Earth Sciences (ILES) and the Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies (IGMS).

The institutes’ mission is primarily to conduct innovative and quality research focusing on concerns relevant to Gibraltar and proximal geographical or thematic areas. They are interdisciplinary and play an important role in the establishment or enhancement of a research culture and the promotion of the academic dimension of the University.

The institutes bring together leading academic specialists from a range of relevant disciplines under the ambits of science, social science, humanities, policy and public research.

Both ILES and IGMS are committed to the building of local research capacity and excellence in scholarship.  By matching strengths with opportunities, a dynamic research environment is created that invests in individuals and provides the infrastructure and support for each student to excel in his or her chosen field of inquiry.

Their main areas of activity include: supervision of students, engagement with key research associations and expert platforms, seeking funding and projecting the University of Gibraltar’s research presence internationally.