Research Lecture | Dr Jaime Davies | Exploring the Deep Sea

Providing evidence for the implementation of Marine Protected Areas in UK waters
24th November 2021
In this recent lecture, hosted by the University of Gibraltar’s Research Office, Dr Jaime Davies spoke with students on our Marine Science and Maritime Science and PhD programmes about how Marine Protected Areas are the main tool with which to protect habitats and species of conservation importance.
In her lecture titled ‘Providing evidence for the implementation of Marine Protected Areas in UK waters’, Dr Davies presented the audience with an outline of the process by which evidence is gathered and analysed to collaboratively work with scientists and marine managers to effectively designate MPAs and meet international obligations. She went on to highlight that in order to adequately protect the deep-sea environment, National government agencies require scientific evidence to designate MPAs within their waters.
The University of Gibraltar supports the importance of quality research and its proper application having a lasting and significant positive effect on the world we live in.
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