About this Research Theme

This project aims to assess the carbon footprint of tourism in Gibraltar. Tourism is a major industry in Gibraltar and is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. The project will focus on understanding the scale and sources of emissions from tourism activities in the area, and will explore ways to reduce these emissions and promote sustainable tourism practices. The project will involve collecting data on the carbon emissions associated with different tourism activities in Gibraltar, including transportation, accommodation, and recreational activities. The project will also involve conducting surveys of tourists and tourism businesses to understand their attitudes towards sustainability and their willingness to adopt low-carbon practices. The project will use a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach to calculate the carbon footprint of tourism in Gibraltar and identify the key sources of emissions. Finally, the project will develop recommendations for reducing the carbon footprint of tourism in the area, such as promoting low-carbon transportation options, encouraging energy-efficient buildings, and promoting sustainable tourism practices among visitors and businesses.

Thematic Leaders

Dr. Awantha Dissanayake
Head of School (Marine and Environmental Science)
Bethany Gadd
Associate Lecturer
Stephen Warr
Stakeholder Department of the Environment