About this Research Theme

This project aims to develop a biodiversity conservation strategy for Gibraltar’s nature reserves. Gibraltar has several nature reserves that are home to a range of endemic and endangered species, but conservation efforts in the area are currently fragmented and often lack clear objectives. The project will focus on developing a strategic plan for nature reserve management that is based on ecological and social data, and that prioritises biodiversity conservation. The project will involve conducting a review of the literature on conservation planning and reserve management, and using this information to develop a framework for biodiversity conservation in Gibraltar’s nature reserves. The project will also involve collecting data on the ecological and social values of different nature reserves in Gibraltar, and using this information to identify priority areas for conservation action.

Thematic Leaders

Dr. Awantha Dissanayake
Head of School (Marine and Environmental Science)
Bethany Gadd
Associate Lecturer
Dr Keith Bensusan
Research Fellow
Prof Julia Fa
Research Fellow
Stephen Warr
Stakeholder Department of the Environment