Are you curious about the world around you? Are you eager to find out more in an engaging and exciting way that will challenge you personally as well as open up potential life-changing opportunities?

Have you thought about doing research? If so, you may be interested in becoming a University of Gibraltar PhD Researcher.

The University of Gibraltar provides excellent facilities in a unique setting.  It supports research in the Sciences and the Humanities as well as areas such as Sports Science and Responsible Gambling. You would engage in cutting-edge research supported by our specialist in-house research teams.

The University of Gibraltar has its own research degree awarding powers.  This means that you have the choice of either reading for a PhD directly with us or partnering with another university with the added benefits of our support. The University of Gibraltar can provide you with research facilities and equipment, access to world-class research collections at our Associate Campuses, in-house tutorials and ongoing academic supervision as well as the possibility of engaging directly with leading academics during your time with us.

If this has whetted your appetite and you think academic research could be for you, have a look at our Research Institutes and browse through our proposed Research Themes for this forthcoming academic year.

Even if your area of interest is not on our list, please do contact us with your ideas. We welcome your proposals and through our in-house expertise and extensive international network of high-profile academics we may be able to work with you to help you realise your ambitions.

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