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The University of Gibraltar has a strong commitment to producing research that builds on research strengths and local capacity, attracts funding and is recognised for its international significance and impact. We believe that quality research and its proper application can have a lasting and significant positive effect on the world we live in. This includes investigative work of direct relevance to current societal needs, including public and voluntary, as well as the commercial and industry sectors.
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Join our vibrant, ambitious and growing research community. Profit from our unique geographical location, our facilities and our established connections with experienced supervisors locally and abroad.


The University of Gibraltar hosts or directly offers a limited number of scholarships, bursaries and grants to support your studies. These scholarships are highly competitive and are made available to students based on certain criteria.

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Research Office Team

Dr Darren Fa
Director of Academic Programmes and Research
Dr Sarah Alvarez
Research Programme Coordinator
Amaia Fernandez
Research and Development Officer (Funding)
Caroline Moss-Gibbons
Parasol Librarian
Amy Swift
Research Programme Coordinator

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (GRTA)

Samantha Slisarenko
PhD Researcher (SoMS)
Natalie Muirhead-Davies
PhD Researcher SoMS

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