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The University of Gibraltar has a strong commitment to producing research that builds on research strengths and local capacity, attracts funding and is recognised for its international significance and impact. We believe that quality research and its proper application can have a lasting and significant positive effect on the world we live in. This includes investigative work of direct relevance to current societal needs, including public and voluntary, as well as the commercial and industry sectors.

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The University of Gibraltar hosts or directly offers a limited number of scholarships, bursaries and grants to support your studies. These scholarships are highly competitive and are made available to students based on certain criteria.

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News Highlights

3 October 2023

Dr Darren Fa elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

Dr Darren Fa, marine biologist and Director of Academic Programmes and Research at the University of Gibraltar, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.

13 July 2023

Workshop on enhancing monitoring and prevention of invasive non-native species held in Gibraltar

A UK-funded workshop on ‘Enhancing monitoring and prevention of invasive non-native species’ took place at the University of Gibraltar recently as part of a wider Darwin Plus project.

20 June 2023

Beacon Professor David Abulafia Awarded CBE in King’s Birthday Honours

It is with great pleasure and admiration that we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Professor David Abulafia, who has been awarded a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British…

Research Office Team

Dr Darren Fa
Director of Academic Programmes and Research
Dr Leon Leanse
Research Programme Coordinator
Amaia Fernandez
Research and Development Officer (Funding)
Caroline Moss-Gibbons
Parasol Librarian

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (GRTA)

Samantha Slisarenko
PhD Researcher (SoMS)
Natalie Muirhead-Davies
PhD Researcher SoMS

Upcoming Events

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21/09/2023 – 23/09/2023 Calpe Conference 2023 Domestic and International Academics in the field Book Now

Past Events

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14/06/2023 – 15/06/2023 Research that Benefits Gibraltar (RTBG) 2023 PhD Students, graduates, and local experts in their fields Find Out More
22/05/2023 – 23/05/2023 International Symposium on Infectious Diseases (ISID) 2023 International and Local Speakers Find Out More
20/04/2023 Language and Identity: ‘Speak, that I may know thee’ Professor Cristina Suárez-Gómez

Professor Elena Seoane

Find Out More
02/02/2023 Past Water Futures: heritage, water security and ancient dam restoration in the Andes Dr Kevin Lane Find Out More
23/01/2023 Trials and Tribulations of Surviving Doctoral Research Dr Louise Lawson Find Out More
19/12/2022 Mediterranean – A Deep Time Story Beacon Professor Clive Finlayson Find Out More
05/12/2022 Empire and Ancestors: Changing Andean Ritual Practice during the Late Prehispanic and Early Colonial Period Dr Elisa Benozzi Find Out More
22/09/2022 – 24/09/2022 26th edition of the Calpe Conference organised by the Gibraltar National Museum Subject experts from their respective fields Find Out More
27/06/2022 From idea to research to health care settings: Examples of translating a concern into a research project in health care settings Dr Kathylene Siska Find Out More
06/06/2022 Scandinavia – Avoiding the Big Freeze Beacon Professor Clive Finlayson Find Out More
12/04/2022 News and Views on Coastal Marine Resources Exploitation in the Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula Dr Esteban Álvarez Fernández Find Out More
25/04/2022 Can we eradicate ‘ superbug’ infections using light? Dr Leon Leanse Find Out More
07/02/2022 Atlantic Ocean – Currents and Climate Influences from the West Beacon Professor Clive Finlayson Find Out More
09/02/2022 Law in Schools – Challenges in Teacher Training Dr Zoltán Rónay Find Out More
15/11/2021 Exploring the deep sea: providing evidence for the implementation of Marine Protected Areas in UK waters Dr Jaime Davies Find Out More
27/02/2020 Gibraltar: Constitutional Reform as a (De)colonising Vehicle Dr Jennifer Ballantine Perera Find Out More
06/02/2020 The Ghosts of Time Beacon Professor Clive Finlayson Find Out More
16/12/2019 Climate Change in Gibraltar: Lessons from the past Beacon Professor Clive Finlayson Find Out More
24/10/2019 What is Research? Dr Alex Menez Find Out More
11/10/2019 Alzheimer’s Disease: Who will get it and what can be done? Dr Kenneth S. Kosik Find Out More
01/02/2019 50 Years of Heart Transplantation Dr Clive Lewis Find Out More
30/11/2018 Families, Genetics & Evolution Dr Darren Fa Find Out More
23/11/2018 Writing Gibraltar: A personal history Dr M. G. Sanchez Find Out More

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