The Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming at the University of Gibraltar will advance evidence-based research in responsible gaming. This research will be used to inform the development of cutting edge, industry-based, responsible gaming initiatives.
There is now increased awareness of, and greater efforts to address, the issue of problem gambling. Whilst there are numerous Responsible Gaming initiatives used around the world, there remains a paucity of evidence-based research on the effectiveness of such initiatives.
The establishment of a Centre of Excellence will provide for research to be fed back into Responsible Gaming policy, including the development of courses on responsible gaming aimed at professionals in the gaming sector.
Importantly, any research arising from the University of Gibraltar’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming will be open source. As a University, we believe that evidence based, academic research that is freely available to industry is an essential part of the process of positively impacting and influencing the adoption and deployment of Responsible Gaming initiatives within the sector.
The Centre of Excellence reflects the University’s ambition to create a world leading Centre of Excellence, operating at the very highest levels of academic and industry standards, which will publicly support gambling harm reduction strategies.

Responsible Gaming Foundation

The Centre is supported by a wholly independent Foundation in Responsible Gaming. This Foundation was established in November 2019. An important underlying objective of the Foundation is to ensure that any funding provided to the Centre allows for independent research to be undertaken.

Chair in Responsible Gaming

The University is currently in the process of recruiting a Chair in Responsible Gaming who will lead the establishment of the new Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming. The successful candidate will be an outstanding internationally recognised researcher in responsible gaming or a related field, able to lead the establishment of the new Centre of Excellence and to develop an innovative programme of research that will have a positive impact and influence in the adoption and deployment of responsible gaming initiatives. In addition, the successful candidate will have the ability to engage credibly and creatively with both academic and non-academic stakeholders, and to create socio-economic impact from research findings.

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