The Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies (IGMS) is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary Institute that is committed to supporting the University aims of building local research capacity and excellence in scholarship, bringing together leading academic specialists from a range of relevant disciplines and assisting to raise the University’s profile internationally in this field.
The IGMS directly supports the University in undertaking academic research in socio-cultural and historical themes associated with Gibraltar and the wider Mediterranean. Areas of interest include colonial and postcolonial studies as well as questions addressing identity, ethnicity, self-determination and nationalism.
To assist the University in achieving its goals in terms of conducting outstanding research, the IGMS works closely with University Associate Campuses including the Gibraltar Garrison Library and the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. These institutions are partnered with the University of Gibraltar allowing access to local resources including extensive collections, which may be accessed by to University of Gibraltar researchers and students.

Director of the IGMS
Dr. Jennifer Ballantine Perera

Jennifer is the Director of the University of Gibraltar’s Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies and is based at the Gibraltar Garrison Library, where she is also Director.  Jennifer holds a PhD in Postcolonial Studies from the University of Kent. Her main area of research is Gibraltar, with a focus on social and colonial history, British Overseas Territories, constitutional reform and expressions of self-determination. She has presented papers at international conferences and publishes regularly on the subject. She currently sits on the University’s Research and Research Degrees Committee and was appointed President for the Mediterranean Studies Association 2021 conference. Jennifer is also the founding Director of Calpe Press, a publishing house dedicated to promoting Gibraltar writings and was editor of the Gibraltar Heritage Journal (2007-2017), where she still sits on the Editorial Board.
Associate researchers