The Institute of Life and Earth Sciences (ILES) is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary Institute that directly supports the University in undertaking academic research in the physical and natural sciences and the interaction of these two branches, with a focus on biology, geology and environmental science to provide pure and applied outcomes. A wide focus on disciplines such as ecology, evolution, palaeontology, geomorphology, conservation biology, climatology and soil science form the core of this research.
The ILES is committed to supporting the University aims of building local research capacity and excellence in scholarship, bringing together leading academic specialists from a range of relevant disciplines and assisting to raise the University’s profile internationally in this field.
To assist the University in achieving its goals in terms of conducting outstanding research, the ILES works closely with University Associate Campuses and Partners such as the Gibraltar National Museum, the Gibraltar Botanic Gardensand the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society. These institutions are partnered with the University of Gibraltar and their resources, including extensive collections, may be accessed by University of Gibraltar researchers and students.

Director of the ILES
Beacon Professor Clive Finlayson

Clive is the Director of the University of Gibraltar’s Institute of Life and earth Sciences and is based at the Gibraltar National Museum.  Clive holds a DPhil from Oriel College, University of Oxford. His main areas of research are the biogeography of hominins, avian biogeography and evolutionary ecology. Clive has published widely in international peer-reviewed journals and has written a number of books, mainly based on research which includes ongoing excavations at Gorham’s Cave in Gibraltar, the last known site of the Neanderthals. Clive currently sits on the University’s Research and Research degrees Committee and until recently was a member of its Board of Governors. In 2019, he was appointed a University Beacon Professor for his outstanding and consistent contribution to Neanderthal research and discoveries through his work at the Gorham Cave complex.
Associate Researchers