Linking the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Africa and Europe, the Straits of Gibraltar provide an ideal natural laboratory in which to undertake research in disciplines such as marine science, ecology, palaeoecology and soil science. Associate Campuses such as HMGoG’s Department of the Environment, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and Gibraltar National Museum strengthen and extend our research capacity.
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Field Ecology Research Group (FERG)

FERG has identified two key objectives that will guide its work in the next five years. These objectives reflect the existing, internationally-recognised research excellence within its Associate Campuses and the desire to improve further and widen the scope to new areas of research. The overriding aim is the production of outstanding science.
The development of quality, research-based education at all levels, and the involvement of the wider Gibraltarian community, is paramount.
Objective 1: Research Excellence
To sustain and increase research excellence in areas in which the FERG proposed group members already have an established name through the work of its Associate Campuses. Through this, help to raise the international profile of the University and its Research Office and thus attract students from across the world.
Objective 2: Education at all Levels
To improve research opportunities for graduate students by supporting the University’s Graduate Schools and Research Office in delivering research lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as supporting the PhD programme as academic supervisors.
Objective 3: Public Engagement
To make a significant contribution to the dissemination of research results through actively supporting the University’s Research Office in its programme of public understanding and engagement.​
FERG Members