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Student placement scheme

As part of the university’s three-year undergraduate business degree, students are required to undertake annual unpaid work placements which are linked to their area of specialisation.
As well as providing the student with meaningful industry experience and skills, these placements also benefit the companies they join by providing a fresh perspective and a valuable resource.
We work with all placement providers to match them with the appropriate student and support both parties throughout each placement.
This year, we have students in each year of the programme who require placements.

How long will the placement last?

6, 8 or 10 weeks depending on the level of the student, as follows:
Year 1 – Six weeks
Dates: 8th February 2021 to 19th March 2021
Year 2 – Eight weeks
Dates: 1st February 2021 to 26th March 2021
Year 3 – Ten weeks
Dates: 25th January 2021 to 2nd April 2021

The working hours are:

  • Years 1 and 2: 09.00 to 15.00/15.30.
    (Please note students will still be undertaking classes at the university as from 16.00.)
  • Year 3: 09:00 to 17.00

What are the areas of specialisation linked to the placement?

  • Management (including HR Management)
  • Marketing
  • Finance (including accounting)

What would be your commitment?

  • A contract will be put into place between the University, you as the placement provider, and the student.
  • You will also be required to complete a short report on the student’s performance upon completion of the placement. (Note the template for this report will be provided by the University.)

Contact details

If you would be interested in getting involved, please contact Hannah Gonzalez at or call 200 71000, by 30th November 2020.
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