Student Perspective | Amy Robinson | Adult Nursing (Hons)

I am undecided once i graduate but I know that this degree will set me up to be able to enter the nursing profession, either here, back in the UK or abroad.
13th January 2023

What brought you to the University of Gibraltar?

Originally I was going to go and study adult nursing in the UK, but one day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the university of Gibraltar advertised and thought to myself ‘why not have a look at that’. Within a week of finding out more I applied and I haven’t looked back since. What really brought me in was the state of the art facilities, the small classroom sizes and the friendly staff.

How has your experience of the programme and the university been so far?

I really enjoy it here. I am happier here than I would have been at a UK-based university. With my class size only being 18 people, you get a lot of support from the lecturers and tutors. There is also a very open culture at the University, meaning you feel comfortable knocking on anybody’s door and asking for help if needed. The state-of-the-art clinical skills lab is one of the highlights. It benefits the student nurses and helps put in the practice we need before hitting the wards!
I have also made a lot of friends in the dorms, both Gibraltarian and International students, we are always up and about trying new things and seeing what Gibraltar and Spain have to offer. With everything to do, I’d say it’s actually quite hard to be bored in Gibraltar.

As part of your degree, you have spent some time on placement; what was that like?

Apart from the first-day nerves that are normal when starting at a new place, I have enjoyed my placements so far. My mentors were lovely, and the staff were there really friendly. I had a few students with me on placement from my course, and having people we knew there helped us all find the confidence needed to help perform to the best of our abilities. I have learnt many more skills working on placement alongside the academic side of the programme. Being able to put your studies into practice is what turns you into the nurse you will become. These placements have helped immensely with that.

What do you expect to do once you graduate?

I am undecided once i graduate but I know that this degree will set me up to be able to enter the nursing profession, either here, back in the UK or abroad. My main aim will be to become a clinical lead or a nursing director and, after that, own my own care home or a GP practice.

What would you say to someone interested in studying at the University of Gibraltar?

Go for it, coming here was the best thing i ever did, i came here and found myself and the University lifestyle here helped me achieve that.
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