Student Perspective | Joseph Menczer | Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Joseph shares his experiences of studying with us
14th July 2021
Originally from Israel, Joseph Menczer, is studying on our Bachelor of Business Administration programme. Joseph had been researching for suitable business-related courses and was drawn to studying at the University of Gibraltar, discovering the unique personalised support that the university offers.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Gibraltar?

I decided to study at the University of Gibraltar as a result of finding a course that I was interested in, to the extent that I chose to enrol. Additionally, I did some research and realised that I would be living in a welcoming, close-knit, Mediterranean environment and academic institution. I moved to Gibraltar straight after I finished my studies in my high school in Israel.

How are you finding studying the BBA so far?

I find it insightful. I am learning new information about many areas relevant to the modern-day business world. This process has allowed me to highlight and pinpoint the areas I will likely be interested in working in during the course of my career. The programme content has confirmed my presumptions about some particular areas, but it has also taught me a whole plethora of new information which is necessary to know for anyone interested in any aspect of business. By studying at the University of Gibraltar, I have been exposed to a completely new style of learning which I was not familiar with before. The University’s small classes have enabled me to engage in relevant and insightful conversations with the lecturers and other students, which has allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the programme topics. This has also helped our class become more engaged and interested. In a way, the University has made me fall in love with studying again – and I’m not just saying this!

How are you finding living in the student accommodation?

I think that the student accommodation is another benefit which the University of Gibraltar offers to its students. It has all the facilities a student needs, such as a place for studying, Wifi, and very close proximity to the university itself which is always a plus. However, at the same time it gives the students privacy, and the university does not interfere with matters that are connected to the accommodation wherever possible. It is also a place where students can meet other students and socialise.

What support have you received from the university so far?

When I first made contact with the University of Gibraltar, I explained to them my situation and that I did not have European high school credentials. This was the first time that the University’s personalised style of attention worked to my benefit, as they looked into my case and ensured that I had the necessary credentials to join the University, despite the fact that these were not European. Additionally, the University likes to maintain a personal relationship with every student; it ensures that the student is doing well, and will cater their services towards each student’s unique circumstances. Whenever I have had an issue with anything that might have needed support from the University, I have received personal attention from them, and members of the student experience office have helped me in a number of ways.

How are you finding studying at the University of Gibraltar so far?

The University has proved to have a great family-style environment. I know many students, and the University regularly offers student social events outside of the realm of their studies, so that students from different years and courses can meet. These events helped me particularly in my first year in Gibraltar, when I was a newcomer and didn’t know as many people. Additionally, I like the fact that although it is a relatively small University, it is still very diverse, and has people from many different locations and walks of life; I have learnt new things from new people. For me, this was also a big part of my learning process. Apart from that, the University can provide help on issues and obstacles that international students have to face.
I personally think that Gibraltar has the potential to be a great student town, and it is gradually becoming one. This University is still new and growing, but I would say that it is heading in the right direction. Gibraltar as a whole is an interesting place to live, with a fusion of cultures and a long history, as well as having many facilities for the younger generation and students among them.

What are your planning to do once you graduate?

Once I graduate I would like to study for a masters degree in either marketing or management (these are two areas of strength which were highlighted for me throughout the duration of my course). After that, I would like to start working in a company with a role related to one of these areas, and I would like to create a secondary source of income on the side, by starting my own business/website/page using the knowledge that I have gained from my course.
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