UniGib and partners led on special Issue on Submarine Canyon research

10th November 2023
Submarine canyons serve as pathways to the deep sea, where the interaction of oceanographic, biological, and ecological processes, along with bathymetric and topographical features, significantly influences the functioning and diversity of both pelagic and benthic communities. Human activities, such as fishing, resource extraction, and transportation, exert various impacts on these ecosystems.
The INCISE 2021 conference has resulted in the publication of 11 research articles within a special issue of Frontiers in Marine Science. Titled “Submarine Canyons: Human Connections to the Deep Sea,” this collection includes three review papers and eight original research papers contributed by 70 authors from 20 different countries. The research encompasses a broad spectrum of submarine canyons and the broader deep-sea environment, offering valuable insights into the relationships between human activities and these underwater canyons.
For more information, you can visit the research topic page: Submarine Canyons: Human Connections to the Deep Sea | Frontiers Research Topic.