Student Perspective | Tess Beckwith | Master in Marine Science & Climate Change

MSc Marine Science & Climate Change
12th October 2022

What brought you to the University of Gibraltar?

I had been teaching high school biology for 5 years and always knew I wanted to eventually go back to school for my masters. As a teacher, I
experienced a lack of my students going into STEM fields. I wanted to make it more accessible to them since we will need leaders in these fields.
Through teaching, I realized that I, like most people, thrive in a hands-on learning environment. This is exactly what the University of Gibraltar MSc
Marine Science & Climate Change had to offer a hands-on learning environment where I get to create my own project.
Here, I am encouraged to figure out what really interests me and am given the support to make it a reality. Our changing climate cannot be ignored when it comes to marine science, and
here, I am given the opportunity to add valuable research to a growing community of scientists, while also keeping the importance of the next generation in mind.

How has your experience of the programme and the university been so far?

Grand! So far, I’ve loved the classes as well as the access to real tangible work here. For example, I was able to be part of a clean up team for the recent oil spill. I’m not just learning inside of the classroom but able to go right into the field and do valuable work. That is something unique to this place.

“I’d encourage anybody to make the leap and come to Gibraltar! You won’t regret it. You will gain knowledge, perspective, and the support you need to do whatever it is you want to do.”

– Tess Beckwith

How have you found student life at the University of Gibraltar?

I’ve been so impressed with the events the uni has to offer. It’s made it easy to make friends and get involved. I already feel appreciated for what it brings as an individual, and I get to meet people worldwide.

What do you expect to do once you graduate?

Not set on anything specific but I would like to continue on to get my doctorate. Long term, I hope to go back into education and bridge the gap between academia and the public so that people can be more informed and empowered to make needed change to better care for the earth and its systems.
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