The Associaion Of Commonwealth University Of Gibraltar Host Local Commonwealth Scholars

12th May 2016

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) hosted an event on Thursday 5th May at the University of Gibraltar.  The ACU is the world’s first and oldest international university network, established in 1913 and is responsible for the awarding of Commonwealth Scholarships. Over 40 Gibraltarian students have in the past availed themselves of the opportunity offered by the ACU to study under these prestigious awards since 1961.

The event convened past Commonwealth Scholars from Gibraltar and provided an opportunity for these to meet other international scholars. Representing the ACU, Mr James Phillips, welcomed all the past Commonwealth Scholars present as well as representatives from the University of Gibraltar and other associated Institutions.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Daniella Tilbury welcomed all present and celebrated the links between the University, ACU and past scholars. Prof Tilbury benefited from a Commonwealth Scholarship in 1990 which allowed her to read for a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Mr Ernest Gomez, HM Government’s Chief Secretary, past Chair of the Commonwealth Scholarship Committee (Gibraltar) and a Commonwealth Scholar, also took the opportunity to address those present, where he highlighted how the Commonwealth Scholarship had allowed him to progress his studies and through this, his career.

The event was meant to not only bring past scholarship recipients together, but also serve as an opportunity for recipients to meet members from the University’s Academic Board, Board of Governors, and share their successes and experiences as part of the organisation.

The ACU is currently exploring a number of potential collaborative initiatives with the University of Gibraltar.