The Gibraltar Library Forum (GLF) brings together the major information and heritage institutions of Gibraltar.  The ten member organisations are:
The individual member websites provide details of their collections, their location in Gibraltar, opening hours and more.
Together the GLF is building the Gibraltar Repository, a joint online portal to their Gibraltar-related collections as well as materials held elsewhere.  The aim is to include anything about Gibraltar (starting with the printed books catalogue) or written by a Gibraltarian, anywhere in the world, on any subject.  Non-book material such as maps, photographs, manuscripts and websites will also be indexed.
Many of the GLF member institutions are Associate Campuses of the University of Gibraltar.  Associate Researchers, staff and students may use these libraries on a reference-only basis, providing access to these unique collections and their often rare materials.
The Forum is also seeking to adopt locally the UK Legal Deposit Libraries Act (2003 & 2013) which would make it a legal requirement for any material published in Gibraltar to be deposited with the Library Forum.  The GLF would act as a legal depository in the same way that the British Library does in the UK.