The University of Gibraltar established a Tourism & Hospitality Key Advisory Group to guide decisions regarding programme and short course offerings in this area. The group explores opportunities regarding formal degrees, professional body qualifications, practical skills and specialist training as well as leadership development offerings in the tourism & hospitality sector.

Advisory Group Members

Core members of the Tourism & Hospitality Key Advisory Group:
Group Chair: Nuria Saccone, Chairperson, Marvin Cartwright, Chamber of Commerce.
Catherine Bachleda, Dean Academic Quality and Professional Learning, University of Gibraltar.
Michelle Blagden, Secretary, University of Gibraltar.
Nadine Collado,  Director of Professional Development and Commercial Services, University of Gibraltar.
Charles Danino, General Manager, Rock Hotel.
George Desoiza, Chamber of Commerce.
Darren Fa, Director of Academic Programmes and Research, University of Gibraltar.
Jason Fa, Campus and Events Manager, University of Gibraltar.
Dr Keith Farrell, Vice-President, Gibraltar Heritage Trust.
Mandy Gaggero, Marketing Manager, MH Bland.
Mary Kinch, General Manager, O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel.
Tracy Lee, CEO, Gibraltar Wine Vaults.
Lucienne Mosquera, Hospitality Business Development Ltd.
Franco Ostuni, General Manager, Caleta Hotel.
Sixto Parody, Parody Tours.
John Paul Risso, Chamber of Commerce.
Mark Skvorc, General Manager, Sunborn.
Juri Williamson, Sunborn Hotel.