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Take your credits with you next year!
At the University of Gibraltar, we believe in offering our students a learning experience that is personal and participative. This commitment, along with our strict on-campus physical distancing policy, means that we can continue our in-person delivery this September.
If you are concerned about starting or continuing your degree in the UK due to potential disruption, we invite you to find out more about transferring your degree to us this year.

How it works

If you are just about to start your degree in the UK, simply apply to the University of Gibraltar instead. Once you have completed your first year with us you can take your credits with you should you want to continue your studies in the UK.
If you are already a student in the UK, this means you can transfer any relevant credits to our degree and, should you wish to continue in the UK next September, you can take your credits with you.
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Subjects available


Our UK-aligned Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) degree has pathways in Marketing, Tourism, Accounting, Finance, Management and Digital Innovation. This range of topics means that if you are currently studying, or about to start a degree in these subjects, you could potentially transfer across.

Adult Nursing

Developed and delivered by expert teaching staff, our BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing programme offers you the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become excellent providers of adult care and meet the demands of contemporary nursing practice.
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Meet our students

  • Zainab Seddeki

    Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

    “Gibraltar is a wonderful place to study and live. I received good support from lectures and staff, meaning i could focus on the programme.”
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  • Andrew Hernandez

    Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

    “I studied at a Uk University and managed to directly transfer over to the University of Gibraltar’s Bachelor of Business Administration.”
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  • Iain Payne

    BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

    “My placements throughout the programme were great. It’s a close-knit community here so i felt fully supported by mentors and tutors.”
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  • Nicola Bosio

    BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

    “It is a person centered programme, meaning those who have been out of education can get the support they need.”
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Confidence in the face of Covid

During the last lockdown, we temporarily shifted teaching online and kept all of our academic programmes running with little or no disruption to our students. We were able to keep offering a highly personalised experience to those learning with us. This experience means that we are better able to manage any future pandemic-related issues allowing you to focus on getting great results.
Our Personal Tuition Pledge