This degree is designed to provide you with a grounding in and understanding of business and management including aspects of business organisation, accounting and financial management, human resources and marketing.

The University of London (UoL) is the registering and awarding body for the International Programmes.  Academic direction for the Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences (EMFSS)programmes is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The University of Gibraltar adds value to this degree through a taught component that supports the development of graduate attributes such as analysis and evaluation as well as study skills that can improve learning and exam performance.


This degree is aimed at students who:

  • wish to gain a thorough understanding of management-related problems, and conceptual tools for analysing and evaluating management issues; and/or
  • hold professional qualifications in the business and/or management fields and now wish to obtain a degree; and/or
  • are currently working in this area and wish to further develop their knowledge and skills; and/or
  • want to develop a sound understanding of how modern business is shaped by historical, political, cultural and institutional forces; and/or
  • are still undecided what career to pursue, but would like a  grounding in business and management with particular emphasis on the development of creative capabilities and decision-making expertise.

The subject guides provided to support our lectures are produced by leading, internationally-recognised experts in both academic research and in professional business.

The awarding body for this degree is the University of London International Programme. You can read more at the University of London website.


The University of London Programme is made up of a series of discrete modules.

A student must complete a total of 12 full units regulated by the LSE rules and regulations to attain this qualification. Please note that not all optional advanced courses may be offered every year. A student is permitted to sit for a maximum of four examinations per year except in their final year when they may sit five.

To be eligible for the award of a degree, students must attempt all 12 courses of the study programme and pass a minimum of 10 (although this would result in a drop in the class band of the degree award).

Course Level Module
100 FN1024 Principles of banking & finance
100 ST104A Statistics 1 (half module) and MT105A Mathematics 1 (half module)
100 AC1025 Principles of accounting
100 EC1002 Introduction to economics
100 MN1178 Business and management in a global context
200 IS2136 Information systems and organisations
200 MN2177 Core management concepts
 300 FN3092 Corporate finance
200 MN3141 Principles of marketing
300 MN3028 Managerial economics
200 MN3075 Human resource management
300 MN3027 The law of business organisations

In 2017/18, this programme will be offered part-time.  Students can take between four to eight years to complete all twelve modules. Each module will be delivered over 2-hour weekly lectures over 26 weeks, between September and April. Part of April and May will be dedicated to revision, with the University of London examinations taking place in May/June.

For the 2017/18, lectures will be delivered between 6 and 8pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Students enrolled at the University of Gibraltar will be able to attend regular workshops organised by the University of Gibraltar where they will have opportunities to listen to and interact with visiting specialists in their areas of study.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prospective students are advised that they need to separately register with BOTH the University of Gibraltar and The University of London.

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The annual fees for the 2017/2018 this programme are £8,170. This includes all application, initial registration and examination fees, as well as covering your course materials and tuition. There may be additional fees for optional revision/examination elements. The stated fee is based on a full-time three-year, four modules per annum course. If the course is done part-time over a longer period, the annual fees will be revised accordingly. Please contact student services for more information.*

To be eligible for this programme, you will need to have a minimum of the equivalent of three passes at GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level at Grade C or above (including a mathematical subject), plus two further subjects at ‘A’ level, and proof of your competence in English. Please note there are many qualifications that are not listed in the above link that are acceptable to the University for admission purposes, these might include, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Higher Diplomas and National Diplomas. For further information please contact us.

* The fees shown are for home students.  British and other European Union citizens may qualify for home student status, although additional criteria will need to be satisfied. Overseas students wishing to enrol should contact the University Admissions Office for fee information.